Baby cries on China –> HK flight, cat fight / brawl ensues


via  WE’VE all been there: A long-haul flight, with a baby crying all the way … But would you drag the mother out into the aisle and start a fist fight? The Chongqing Morning News is reporting a brawl between four women aboard a flight between China and Hong Kong almost caused an in-flight emergency. The ruckus, which happened only days after a woman flung boiling water at a flight attendant also on a flight to Hong Kong and a man opened an emergency exit for “fresh air”, saw four middle-aged women launch into each other.

Asian catfight! What a show!

I’m absolutely shocked. Not at the fact that there was a brawl, but at the fact that this doesn’t happen more often. There comes a point during a flight where you reach a boiling point and any little annoyance can send you over the top. NO legroom, expensive food / drinks, no room for activities, it all adds up. Throw in a screaming baby and I can 100% see things going to fisticuffs.