AA plane clips Soutwest plane during taxi at LGA


via nytimes: A Southwest Airlines plane filled with holiday travelers bound for Denver was headed to the runway at La Guardia Airport on Tuesday morning when passengers saw an American Airlines plane taxiing close to their aircraft, and then they felt a jolt. The left tip of the wing of the Southwest jet made contact with the tail of the American plane that was taxiing to the gate after landing from Dallas, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The top of the tip of the wing was ripped off, and an airport worker could later be seen in passenger photos carrying the damaged portion. “There were no injuries,” said Ron Marsico, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport. “There are no impacts on operations now. The F.A.A. is on the scene.” Both planes were Boeing 737 aircraft, and each had 143 passengers and crew members aboard. The collision happened shortly before 11 a.m. Tobias Rich, 34, sitting on the left side of Southwest jet, was one of many witnesses. “We were taxiing away from the gate and I looked out and I saw another plane that was looking pretty close,” Mr. Rich said. “I could feel their engines. And then there was a real big bump.” “In my perspective,” added Mr. Rich, a vice president for operations in a technology recruiting company, “it looked like the American Airlines plane did not see us and backed up in our line of travel.” American said passengers on its flight, No. 1104, exited through the jet bridge. Passengers on the Southwest flight had to deplane the old-fashioned way, down a staircase onto the tarmac. They were led onto buses and back into the terminal. Christiana Peppard, 36, who was also on the Southwest flight, was good-natured about the collision. “It was literally a fender bender of the plane variety,” said Ms. Peppard, a Fordham University professor of environmental ethics. “Everyone’s fine. And it’s so absurd. But we all said we’d rather lose part of the wing on the ground than in the air.”

Ahh so I’ve had a few close calls on the road – I’ve even tapped a few bumpers in my day. It happens. That being said, how the hell can you possibly rear-end another airplane on the runway??? Like did the AA pilot just not check his rear-view before backing out? Unacceptable. Can’t be going rogue cowboy on the runway – piloting 101. Who pays for the damages in this situation? Does airplane insurance even cover this kind of stuff? AA pilot probably going to have his premium JACKED up for a few years.

And what are you thinking if you’re a passenger on this plane? Imagine looking out the wing and seeing some highlighter vest guy just trotting down the runway with part of the wing. As an impartial blogger I laughed out loud, but can’t imagine the people on the plane found this too amusing (except the NYT reporter who literally had her story fall out of the sky)


Tough to have unconditional trust in pilots after going through this.